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    ouch! wellness programs are easily incorporated into our daily lives. Ease of program ensures sustainability. Learning continues after the corporate session with Ouch! online courses!

    Combat Digital Fatigue the TCM Way


    We feel tired from spending hours on our digital devices. Relief your headaches, tired eyes, stiff neck and shoulders in minutes with acupressure massage. Tune back your body with qigong exercises and commonly used Chinese herbs and ingredients.

    Reset Your 'Engine' the TCM Way

    As we age, our organs are no longer functioning at its peak. Reset your body and maintain in great form with 5 acupoints to restart your 'engine'.


    Stay in great form by doing the right things at the right time according to the meridian clock and having the right colours and tastes in your diet according to TCM 5 elements.

    Mental Wellness the TCM Way

    Our emotional health affects our physical health. Stay healthy by balancing our emotions, anger, happiness, anxiety, grief and fear, according to TCM 5 elements.


    Stay happy, sleep well and manage your anger with simple acupressure massage and simple recipes.

    A.C.E. Your Immunity the TCM Way

    Near 70% of our immune system is located at our digestive system. Respiratory system is our first line of defense. Strengthen your digestive system and respiratory system through acupressure massage, commonly used herbs and simple qigong exercises.

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