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    A.C.E. our health

    Acupressure . Convenient nutrition . Exercise

  • Ouch! Self-Care Workshop

    Be there for your loved ones. Self care to provide better care.

    Simple self-care solutions from head to toe with A.C.E.

    Acupressure (massage)
    Convenient nutrition (commonly used herbs)
    Exercise (qi gong)

    2 hours workshop on zoom
    Inclusive of:
    - Ouch Kit
    - Ouch Handbook

  • Hearty Workshop

    Our HEART is the king of all organs, governing our minds and the happiness emotion.


    Simple self-care for our heart helps reduce insomnia and heart diseases.


    Workshop includes:

    - Acupressure massage to reduce upper body pains like headache, insomnia, tired eyes, respiratory issues, stiff neck and stiff shoulders.

    - Convenient nutrition (commonly used herbs)

    - Exercise (qigong)


    Stress is inevitable but we can always reduce our stress level with simple self-care.

  • Mighty Workshop

    Feeling too tired to manage daily activities is frustrating.


    Kidney forms our innate foundation, governing our bone, teeth and reproductive system.


    Workshop includes:

    - Acupressure massage to reduce lower body pains like backache, constipation, indigestion, reproductive issues, and fatigue.

    - Convenient nutrition (commonly used herbs)

    - Exercise (qigong)


    Have the energy for an active lifestyle.


    AHA! Programme

    Self Care Through Emotion Regulation

    Building Success through Calming the Anxious Mind


    Looking Beneath the Anger Iceberg


    Discovering and Utilizing the Keys to Happiness


    Collaboration with Empathyworks Psychological Wellness

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