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    Public workshops

    (1st Mondays 8pm - 8.30pm Singapore Time, except Public Holidays)

    Happy Mood Happy You

    Our HEART and LIVER manages our emotions. Stay happy with simple acupressure massage and simple recipes for better heart and liver.


    Stay healthy by balancing our emotions, anger, happiness, anxiety, grief and fear, according to TCM 5 elements.


    Simple self-care tips in short 30 mins!


    6 Jun 2022 (Monday) 8pm

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  • Private workshops

    Guided TCM Self-Care Workshop

    Get it right with personal guidance!


    Signature workshops:

    (A) Combat Digital Fatigue the TCM Way

    (B) Mental Wellness the TCM Way

    (C) A.C.E. Your Immunity the TCM Way

    (D) Reset Your 'Engine' the TCM Way



    Online workshop (zoom)




    Physical workshop

    Venue: 317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium Concorde Shopping Centre, #02-66, Singapore 169075


    Contact Ouch! to arrange date and time.

  • Community Engagement

    A.C.E. health for your audience

    Customized program for your audience.

    Fill up your activity calendar with memorable wellness programs with Ouch!


    "We engaged Hui Fang to conduct virtual TCM talks for senior citizens under NHB's HeritageCares initiative. She brightened up every session with her positive energy and delivered her content in a fun and easy-to-digest manner. She was also very approachable and patient when interacting with the seniors, who were all very curious about TCM and had many questions for her. Overall a great experience working with Hui Fang, as she was able to understand our target audience and customise her programmes to suit their needs!"

    - Audrey Tay, Assistant Manager, Education and Community Outreach at National Heritage Board


    Other feedback from various senior activity centres:


    “ The speaker is very engaging throughout the session and sharing the knowledge on her existing experience. It was a fun and fruitful takeaway.”

    “This event series is popular with seniors as it is interactive with techniques that they can do and practice on their own.”

    “Very relatable to the seniors and the pace of the talks was just nice for the seniors to follow”

    “Excellent talk! Content was good, relevant to seniors.”

  • ouchperform Corporate Talks/Workshops

    ouchperform corporate programs

    Don’t let your pain affect your performance, outperform your competition with ouchperform!


    - increase productivity

    - reduce health care costs


    ouch! wellness programs are easily incorporated into our daily lives. Ease of program ensures sustainability.

    Combat Digital Fatigue the TCM Way


    We feel tired from spending hours on our digital devices. Relief your headaches, tired eyes, stiff neck and shoulders in minutes with acupressure massage. Tune back your body with qigong exercises and commonly used Chinese herbs and ingredients.

    Mental Wellness the TCM Way

    Our emotional health affects our physical health. Stay healthy by balancing our emotions with simple acupressure massage and simple recipes.



    - Manage Anger

    - Stay Happy

    - Manage Anxiety

    A.C.E. Your Immunity the TCM Way

    Near 70% of our immune system is located at our digestive system. Respiratory system is our first line of defense. Strengthen your digestive system and respiratory system through acupressure massage, commonly used herbs and simple qigong exercises.

    Reset Your 'Engine' the TCM Way

    As we age, our organs are no longer functioning at its peak. Reset your body and maintain in great form with 5 acupoints to restart your 'engine'.


    Stay in great form by doing the right things at the right time according to the meridian clock and having the right colours and tastes in your diet according to TCM 5 elements.

    Care pack to complement the sessions!

    Aware . Continuous . Effort.


    Self-care continues after sessions with Ouch! Kit on hand.  

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