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  • Ouch! Acupressure Workshop

    Remove Pain & Reset Health with Ouch!


    Simple self-care solutions for common pains from head to toe. Common pains includes: headache, tired eyes, stiff neck and shoulders, respiratory issues, stress, anxiety, insomnia, backache and more.


    Reset our health with a simple 5 acupoints sequence.
    2 hours workshop on zoom
    Inclusive of:
    - Ouch Kit
    - Ouch Handbook


    Be there for your loved ones. Self care to provide better care.


    Check the available sessions here: http://bit.ly/ouchworkshopform

  • Corporate Talks/Workshops

    Ouch! provides wellness to your organization, clients, clubs, communities and groups.

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    Combat Digital Fatigue the TCM Way

    We feel tired from spending hours on our digital devices. Relief your headaches, tired eyes, stiff neck and shoulders in minutes with acupressure massage. Tune back your body with qigong exercises and commonly used Chinese herbs and ingredients.

    Stay Hearty

    Our HEART is the king of all organs, governing our minds and the happiness emotion. Simple self-care for our heart helps reduce insomnia and heart diseases. Stress is inevitable but we can always reduce our stress level with simple self-care.

    Stay Sharp

    Be ever ready for adventure! Reset your body and maintain in great form with 5 acupoints to restart your 'engine'. Strengthen your lungs, limbs and energy for enjoyable trips with simple acupressure massage and commonly used herbs.

    Stay Mighty

    Kidney is our innate foundation, governing our bone, brain, sexual organs. Stay young and strong with simple self-care solutions to say bye to fatigue, backache, frequent urination, PMS and more.

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    Text us if you are looking for a speaker for your next meeting or conference.

    Ouch! provides wellness activities for your organization, clients, clubs, communities and groups.

    Hui Fang will carefully customize to your specific needs.