• A.C.E. your health with basic TCM self-care

    Acupressure . Convenient nutrition . Exercise

    Reset Your 'Engine'


    Reset health is about a change of lifestyle. Get started with A.C.E. below and adjust along the way to your needs. Get your health back with consistent effort. Consistency pays off.

  • Acupressure

    Simple massage at these acupressure points to reset health.

  • Massaging the acupressure points along the meridians helps to clear the possible blockages. Less blockage helps in better qi flow, for better health.

  • Overtime, due to unhealthy habits like sleeping late and irregular meals, our body is not functioning at its optimum. This simple 5 steps routine helps to reset our body.

  • There are 12 main meridians in our body running from head to toe. These are the important segments of the meridians. Massaging / guasha these areas helps to bring back the balance.

    Save energy by massaging these acupressure points with a guasha (scrapping) tool. Get it here!

    (Picture shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement)

  • Convenient nutrition

    Eat your way to good health for your 5 elements and meridians.

  • In general, these 5 colours strengthens our 5 important organs:

    Taking GREEN food is good for the LIVER.

    Taking RED food is good for the HEART.

    Taking YELLOW food is good for the SPLEEN.

    Taking WHITE food is good for the LUNG.

    Taking BLACK food is good for the KIDNEY.

  • These foods are good for these meridians:

    Heart meridian: lily bulb 百合, longan 龙眼肉, lotus seeds 莲子, jujube 酸枣, wheat 小麦


    Lung meridian: pear 梨, sugarcane 甘蔗, loquat 枇杷, gingko 白果 luo han guo罗汉果


    Spleen meridian: Japonica rice 粳米, millet 小米, soybeans 大豆, Jujube 大枣, pork 猪肉, lotus root 莲藕


    Liver meridian: purslane 马齿苋, celery 芹菜, wolfberry 枸杞子, Bergamot

    佛手, black sesame 黑芝麻


    Kidney meridian: pork kidney 猪肾, lamb kidney 羊肾, sea cucumber 海参, seahorse 海马, human placentophagy 紫河车


    Stomach meridian: japanica rice 粳米, millet 小米, glutinous rice 糯米,

    Lentils 扁豆, potato 土豆, carrot 萝卜, pork stomach 猪肚, beef 牛肉


    Bladder meridian: Sword Beans 刀豆, corn 玉米, winter melon 冬瓜, cinnamon 肉桂, fennel 茴香


    Small intestines meridian: salt 食盐, rice bean 赤小豆, winter melon冬瓜, cinnamon 肉桂, amaranth 苋菜


    Large intestines meridian: purslane 马齿苋, tomato 茄子, bitter gourd 苦瓜,

    Patrinia vulgaris 苦菜 (败酱菜), Buckwheat 荞麦, fungus 木耳

  • Exercise

    Move your body!


    TCM Perspective on Aerobic Exercise 1,3,5,7


    1: Exercise at least once a day.

    3: Continuous exercise for at least 30 minutes.

    5: Ensure 5 times of exercise per week.

    7: Optimal heart rate during exercise: 170 - age


    Every body is different. Move according to your needs.

    One great place to get started is REDCAN.CLUB

  • Qigong is a great form of exercise suitable for all ages.

    Sharing part of Ba Duan Jin (八段锦) in Ouch! workshops and online courses.

    To learn qigong properly, look for qigong classes with Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association Singapore

    Ba means eight, Duan means sections, Jin refers to the finest silk. Jin has the connotation of a person’s best, most precious, and decorative possession. The Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong is composed of eight routines, and the name suggests that this form of exercise is the most valuable thing a person could have.


    Join us to practice Ba Duan Jin with the video!

  • San Jiao is a concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which means “three burners”. They direct the integration, communication, and coordination of the five organ systems or networks of the body (Kidney, Liver, Heart, Spleen and Lung). It is also the passage for water, nutrients and fluid throughout the body. This exercise activates the fluid flowing in it and ensures proper nourishment throughout the body.

  • This routine is to regulate the spleen and stomach by the lifting and lowering actions. It contributes to the ascending of spleen-qi and the descending of stomach-qi, thus promoting the digestive functions.

  • This routine helps to enrich the essence and blood, calming the mind and promoting organ functioning.

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