QS Hair Rejuvenator

QS Hair Rejuvenator

In modern day living, many people suffer from hair loss and scalp problems due to environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyle habits and excessive use of drugs and chemical treatments.

QS Hair Rejuvenator is the fusion of traditional wisdom and modern technology in hair care, focused on nourishing your hair and scalp, giving it a new breath of life.

- Hair Loss Prevention
- Stimulates Quality Hair Growth
- Ameliorates Dandruff Problems
- Intense Scalp nourishment

Mix content of sachet with shampoo and water, massage gently onto scalp. Rinse off with water.
(3g x 60 Sachets)
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Unleash Nature’s Healing Power

The secret to healthy and lustre hair lies in enhancing the qi and blood of the kidney meridian. Following a period of in-depth research, avita has managed to concoct the perfect hair rejuvenating formula that contains 100% natural herbal extract and is chemical free.

Main ingredients:

Chinese Arborviae, Tuber Fleeceflower Root, Solomon's Seal Root, Cassia Seed, Galangal Root, Bark of Boxthorn, Seaweed, Natural Plant Essential Oil,  Natural Spices etc. 

Chinese Arborviae (侧柏叶)

Improves blood circulation, dissipates blood stasis, promote hair metabolism and hair quality. 

Tuber Fleeceflower Root (何首乌)

Replenishes blood to nourish hair follicles, slow down scalp aging, thus retain hair coloration and health

Solomon's Seal Root (黄精)

Stimulate the scalp to prevent hair loss, promotes hair growth, nourishes internal 'qi' for kidney health

Cassia Seed (决明子)

Nourishes the liver, improves eyesight, helps to reduce alopecia areata symptoms

Galangal Root (姜活)

Dissipates bodily heat and moisture, detoxifies and dispels 'wind'. It also sterilize and relieve itch, and ameliorates dandruff problem.

Bark of Boxthorn (地皮骨)

Dissipates bodily heat and moisture, detoxifies and dispels 'wind'. It also sterilize and relieve itch, relieve sensitive scalp of redness and swelling.

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