Natural Growth Factors (30 soft gels)

Natural Growth Factors (30 soft gels)

260.00 - 3,380.00

NGF slows the degeneration of our nervous system and brain functions, while protecting it. It is a synergistic formulation of Natural Growth Factors from Premium Bird Nest Extracts and other bioactive ingredients.

- Stimulates the production of nerve growth factors in the human brain
- Regulates and enhances immune system
- Enhances memory retention and prevents neuro-degenerative diseases such as dementia including Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson’s disease
- Enhances brain functions
- Enhances your autonomic nervous system
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Taking NGF may cause our brain and nervous system to produce an abundance of nerve growth factors. This will help in the maintenance and the regeneration of your nerves, regardless of your age.

Benefits of other synergistic ingredients:

Purple chokeberry

- Anti inflammatory

- Improve our body's own  natural production of insulin

- Natural cancer fighter

Sage extract

- Boost cognitive development & immune system

- Lowering blood glucose and cholesterol

- Beneficial in improving digestion


- Anti-anxiety and anti-depressant

- Memory improvement

- Protect against brain aging and dementia

- Blood pressure regulator


- Reduce blood clots

- Helps to prevent heart attack & stroke

- Improves blood circulation


- Strengthen the immune system

- Lower the risk of obesity

- Helps protect against diabetes related complications

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