Ouch! Detox Workshop

Ouch! Detox Workshop

Time to detox! We accumulated so much toxins from the various unhealthy habits like sleeping late & overeating.

Strengthen our detox organs, liver and kidney, through acupressure massage.

Strengthen our digestive system to improve poor digestion, constipation, bloated stomach, IBS & more.

Self-care with commonly used herbs for better digestion & energy boost.

Simple qigong exercises to strengthen guts & more.

1 hour workshop (online)
3rd Mondays 8pm - 9pm

Bring along your own massage tools (e.g. guasha board) and carrier oil (e.g. Jojoba oil, etc) which is suitable for body massage.
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Option to get the Ouch Kit: https://www.ouch.com.sg/store/products/ouchkit 

Ouch Kit! includes:
- Printed Ouch! Acupressure Handbook

- Scrapping tool (guasha / scraping will be one of the methods shared on stimulating acupressure points)

- 2 herbal tea sachets 


Enjoy the workshop at the comfort of your home. 


Be there for your loved ones. Self care to provide better care. 

A great gift for loved ones too!


Corporate and private sessions can be organized.

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