Huo Xiang (30ml)
Huo Xiang (30ml)
Happy gut, happy you!

- Protects the gut, which is the most important immunity organ
- Quick and effective relief of acute digestive problems
- Clears away heat
- Invigorates stomach
- Expels wind and cold
- Eliminates bad breath
- Clears stuffiness of chest
- Stops diarrhea and abdominal pain

How to use:
Apply at midriff, lower legs

30ml is approximately 600 drops. Good for around 120 uses.

Before applying, consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have an existing medical condition.

Store in a cool, dry place.
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Cablin Patchouli, Perilla, Peppermint, Mandarin, and several herbal essential oils. 

Huo Xiang (Pogostemon cablin)

- Pungent in flavour, slightly warm in nature and attributive to the spleen, stomach and lung meridians

- Clears away heat, invigorates the stomach, stop vomiting, expel wind and cold, and eliminates bad breath

- Sunstroke in summer and gastrointestinal disease

- "Huoxiang Zhengqi San (powder) eliminates dampness, harmonizes the stomach and invigorates the spleen


- Pungent in flavour, slightly warm in nature, attributive to the spleen and stomach meridians

- Stop vomiting, treat stuffiness of the chest, relieve superficial pathogenic factors to dissipate cold and relieve fish/crab poisoning with vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain

- Adverse flow of qi, stoamch distention, and common cold with anhidrosis.