Hinoki (5ml/30ml)
Hinoki (5ml/30ml)
50.00 - 240.00
Nature’s original fragrance, Hinoki relieves stress, calms nerves and balances our body’s hormones, as well as purifies the air.

- Relieves stress and balance emotions
- Kills germs and reduce odour

How to use:
Apply at lower arms, chest, behind the ears, neck and shoulder

30ml is approximately 600 drops. Good for around 120 uses.

Before applying, consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have an existing medical condition.

Store in a cool, dry place.
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Being under constant tremendous stress from work and the environment can result in anxiety and distress. Hinoki Essential Oil, as nature’s original fragrance, relieves stress, calms nerves and balances our body’s hormones. Through aromatherapy, the natural bactericidal ability of Hinoki, Tea tree and Litsea cubeba will also be maximized to aid air purification.

HINOKI (桧木) 

Being world-renowned for its high resilience to corrosion, Hinoki cypress carries unique traits such as no pungent smell, sturdy wood quality and resistant to woodworms. As such, it has been widely known as Shenmu. Hinoki Essential Oil contains hinokitiol, which has strong bactericidal ability and helps to reduce anxiety and calm nerves.

TEA TREE (茶树) 

- Balance immune system 

- Prevent germs, bacteria, virus infection 

- Safeguard against influenza or common childhood infectious illnesses


Strong bactericidal ability 

- Suitable for skin care, does not lead to skin irritation 

- Suitable for use in prolonged enclosed areas


- Clears heat caused by yin-deficiency 

- Relieves fever and headache due to summer-heat pathogen


- Promotes blood circulation, relives pain, reduce swelling, stimulate skin regeneration 

- Condition aging skin, reduce saggy skin, regain skin elasticity, slows wrinkles development