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    Hui Fang sharing 2 acupressure points for mood management.

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    Hui Fang sharing acupressure points to remove headache and stiff shoulders at CHIJ St Theresa's Convent


    Hui Fang conducted lunch workshop for Airbnb staff on "Fly Carefree: Travellers Self Care"
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    Get Back Your Balance!

    Care for your ORGANS through COLOURS & EMOTIONS


    Eat food with the respective colour to strengthen the organ.

    E.g. GREEN food helps strengthen the LIVER.


    Regulate our emotions.

    E.g. Too much ANGER harms our LIVER.


    The 5 elements are inter related. Learn the relation to a BALANCED you inside out through A.C.E.



    Convenient nutrition




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    It is a space where practitioners share bite size health and wellness self care tips. Members get to practise with the guidance from the practitioners at their own pace.


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    - Corporates looking for wellness programs for your employees / clients (wellness programs, client appreciation etc)

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  • Testimonials

    What do people say about their Ouch! experience?

    Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! This is really a fun and most enriching workshop I have ever attended. Useful tips to address pain, self care and getting to know our bodies. Well done! Hui Fang!

    Carol Hoon, HR, Singapore

    Ouch!!! It’s SUPER Engaging, Fun, Informative. Hui Fang is a GREAT Facilitator, Teacher. HIGHLY Recommeded!

    James Yeow, Branch Director, Singapore

    Full of practical knowledge and techniques simple enough to DIY. For those who love hands-on workshop and an intro to TCM self care.

    Leah, Marketing, Singapore

    Thank you Hui Fang for sharing your knowledge on pain relief. Also general health issues. Best of all, I can do these exercises without any tools! Great stuff!

    Kok Wai, Photographer, Singapore

    Many acupressure points to help in many health issues. Very interesting and useful information.

    Diyanah, Teacher, Singapore

    Interesting learning on Self-Acupressure. Pressure to the acupressure points can be used to treat headaches, nausea, and other symptoms. Thanks!

    Alex, Business Consultant, USA

    Dearest Hui Fang, Thank you so much for providing today’s most amazing learning and personal growth experience. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been attending, working and creating wellbeing related sessions for the past 2 1/2 years and yours today was without hesitation the best I’ve ever had the fortune to take part of! I’m forever grateful for you organising such an amazing day and sharing your expertise with us.

    Yennifer, Wellness Trainer, Netherland

    I was having a few days long persistent migraine when I attended the session with Hui Fang. She taught me how to massage the critical areas for migraine and within a few minutes, the migraine was gone! I’m so happy to find a natural way to relieve the pain without having to take painkillers. Hui Fang is very clear in her explanation and will always make sure you get the right spot. It has been a very enjoyable session, thanks for teaching me such valuable skill.

    Cindy, Psychologist, Singapore

    I got to understand how our body signals us about its problems in the workshop.

    Nomulun, Business Development, Mongolia

    Hui Fang is very interactive during the presentation. I believe the employees can benefit from her session.

    Ray Oh, President of a Business Networking Group, Singapore

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