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    Acupressure (massage)

    Colour (food)

    Emotion (regulation - qi gong)

  • Basic Self Care 512

    512 means I love you. Self care to provide better care. Be there for our loved ones.

    Care for our 5 elements and 12 meridians

    This is a routine that helps to reset our body.

    Overtime due to unhealthy habits like sleeping late and irregular meals, our body is not functioning at its optimum.

    5 elements: Wood (liver) | Fire (heart) | Earth (spleen) | Metal (lung) | Water (kidney)

    12 meridians runs from our head to toe.

    Focus on these 3 areas for general self care (arms, legs, tummy).

    General rule: stimulate (tap/massage/guasha) specific meridian(s) for related issues.

    E.g. For respiratory issues such as cold, cough and sinus, stimulate lung meridians on arms.

    For stomach issues like constipation, bloatedness and indigestion, stimulate stomach meridians on legs and tummy.

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    Instead of massaging each acupressure point for a minute, try scraping 20 strokes for each acupressure point/area.

    Simpler solution? Apply herbal essential oils on the respective meridians.

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    This range of herbal essential oils are formulated for the specific meridians to remove the respective pains. It helps to reset our health by strengthening the respective organs.

  • Just drink tea? Yes!

    This range of herbal tea is intentionally tailored to common lifestyle challenges. They are carefully crafted by a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with 100% natural herbs that are suitable for everyday consumption.

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