Tailoring my career

Stable job to creating my Ouch! journey

I tailor made my uniform and also my career.

I wanted the sinseh look for my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) self-care workshop, therefore I borrowed a white jacket from a friend. Ended up finding the jacket too troublesome as there were many acupressure points on the arms. I kept pulling the sleeve up. I was talking about this hassle with a tailor friend. And tada! I tailor made a white sleeveless vest. I get the sinseh look plus convenience of not having to pull up the sleeve during workshop demo time. Best of all, I look good in it! Feeling good is very important! Some years back I felt not too good…

My job gave me financial security, but I needed more flexibility and possibilities. Year after year, I felt the repetitiveness of working and the work seemed never-ending. I already could envision where I would be in years to come and I did not love what I saw. Many times, I felt trapped at my desk. The fear from life's uncertainties is real but I never regretted my decision to resign. We only live once and I wanted to live a life that was exciting with endless possibilities.

What did I do? 

I tailor my career by combining things I love - training and TCM in the form of TCM self-care workshops. 

I have loved TCM since I was young simply because it works for me. I used to visit 2 doctors when I was young. Western doctor to get MC (medical certificate). (TCM MC was not recognised then.) TCM doctor to get the medicine that heals me in 2-3 doses. 

I believe in TCM but finds it too complicated. I was so happy when I chance upon meridian therapy from a group of professors from Taiwan Yang Ming University in 2006. It is so simple and we can do it anytime, anywhere! Over the years, I learn more and upgraded to a diploma in chinese medicine health management practitioner.  

TCM can be simple and be part of our lifestyle. Over the years, whenever I feel some discomfort, I will do acupressure massage/guasha and drink certain herbal tea/formulation to relieve the discomfort. I seldom fall sick.

I love the way my professor making concepts so easy for us to understand and apply what we learned. Learning can be fun! We can definitely learn how to be well in a fun way. I love the engagement during trainings. I love to see the smiles and people in action applying what they learned. My personable character allows me to bond well with my learners, making my sessions very well received over the years with corporate, schools and various communities. 

I found what I would love to do for decades to come... helping people remove pain and reset health through making TCM a part of their lifestyle with simple TCM self-care tips. 


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