A.C.E. Your Immunity the TCM Way

Thankful for the opportunity to be one of the guest speakers sharing on "Naturopathy for Immunity" last Saturday afternoon.

Here are some of the points I shared: 

1) Many think Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 中医 is because it is from China. However, the 中 refers to 中庸, which means BALANCE. Only when we are in balance, our wellness can be sustainable. 

2) When we see the word 'immunity', many would think of the body fighting against invaders, get rid of dead or sick cells. But in TCM, we look at everything as a whole. We do not separate the immune function from the rest of the body. 

Healthy immunity = qi, blood, body fluids, meridians, and organs functioning optimally

3) Your first line of defense - Defensive Qi (卫气)

Defensive qi is similar to the western concept of the immune system. 

- It works mostly around skin and muscles.

- Controls opening and closing of pores.

- When your defensive qi is weakened, you may start to have fever, chills or shivering. 

- It is nourished by the air we breathe and foods we eat. 

One does not become sick simply by being exposed to a pathogen (organism that causes diseases). In order for illness to happen, there must be both a weakness in 正气 (good qi) as well as presence of one or more pathogens. If good qi remains strong, bad qi cannot invade the body. Good qi must be weak when invasion of qi takes place. Therefore, we need to make sure our good qi is strong. 

Early signs that your exterior defence is compromised are:

- fatigue

- tight neck 

- sneezing

- dry/scratchy throat

- strong dislike for wind/cold 


A.C.E. your immunity the TCM Way

(A) Acupressure massage to strengthen our digestive system where near 70% of our immune system is located. 

(C) Commonly used herb which we can make into tea for easy consumption. 

(E) Exercise (qigong) to strengthen our energy.

(A) Acupressure massage to strengthen our digestive system where near 70% of our immune system is located. 

Zhong Wan (中脘): Located 4 figners above belly button

Qi Hai (气海): Located 2 fingers below belly button

Guan Yuan (关元): Located 4 fingers below belly button

Zu San Li (足三里): Located 4 fingers from knee beside shin bone

Finger massage: press in deep and rotate your fingers 

(C) Commonly used herb which we can make into tea for easy consumption. 

黄芪 (Huang Qi) is good for general immunity, strengthens defensive qi. It also has immunoregulatory, anticancer, antitumour, antioxidant properties. 

(E) Exercise (qigong) to strengthen our energy.

八段锦 (Ba Duan Jin)

Ba means 8. Duan means sections. Jin refers to finest silk. Jin has the connotation of a person's best, most precious possession. Ba Duan Jin is composed of 8 postures and the name suggests this form of exercise is the most valuable thing a person could have. 8 routines each routine has its benefits and together they stimulate the 12 meridians insude us. It is easy to master and the benefits is quick to take effect.

Routine 3 - separate heaven and earth to harmonize the stomach and spleen

The raising and lowering of the arms in opposite direction has a stretching effect on the abdomen and thus massage organs such as splen and stomach. The channels around the abdomen and ribs points along the 腧穴 (shu xue) important points along the spine. The stimulation thereby regulating the circulation of the qi along the channel. It strengthens the joints and muscles along the spine and improves the spine's flexibilty which helps with ailments of the neck and shoulders. 

Let's incorporate A.C.E. into our lifestyle! Stay safe stay strong!

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