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  • Our lives can be overwhelmed with many commitments from work, social life and hobbies. Sometimes we forget that we are important too and we should be the main focus of our lives. It can get draining if we forget our own needs and take on too many things. When our plate is too full, we could even lose our direction in life as we are so bogged down by our daily responsibilities.


    Stay true by taking control.

    I took control of my life when I left my stable job. The job gave me financial security, but I needed more flexibility and possibilities. Year after year, I felt the repetitiveness of working and the work seemed never-ending. I already could envision where I would be in year to come and I did not love what I saw. Many times, I felt trapped at my desk. I felt that I was doing so much more when I was dabbling in my freelance work. The fear from life's uncertainties is real but I never regretted my decision to resign. We only live once and I wanted to live a life that was exciting with endless possibilities.


    Caregiving can be very satisfying.

    My work schedule is flexible, and this allows me to spend more time with my family, especially so when it comes to my dad. My dad was always working overtime to provide for the family. Since I was young, the family had very little time with him. When he was semi-retired, we went out for meals and random trips just to explore Singapore. We would go during off peak hours to avoid crowds and that allowed us to experience so much together. I spent much more time with him when he was sick than when he was well.


    My "Superman" papa was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in March 2017. He left us in February 2020, after a good fight for 3 years. Seeing him deteriorating over time was very painful. It is never just the patient who is in pain. When one family member is sick, the whole family is in pain, financially and emotionally.


    I was the primary caregiver, taking care of most of his needs from medical appointments to making sure he was happy. I did all this while juggling my work. There were some sacrifices that I had to make but I have no regrets as I was there throughout the entire journey. He told my friend, "if not for Hui Fang, I would have gone long ago". This made it all worthwhile. I would not be at peace now if I had prioritised work over my dad then.


    Invest in your self-care for pain free quality life.

    Our aches and pains can be prevented with simple self-care, if we know how to do so and we started early enough.


    I started with having my "me-time" with walks and qigong. These walks never fail to refresh me. My stamina improved, giving me more vitality. Meeting up with friends also helps greatly to de-stress. My family knows not to disturb me when I am out. Putting duties aside temporarily keeps my sanity.


    We can only be well when all is well. Now I make sure my mum is well by massaging her, making her go for walks, practising qigong with me and giving her good nutrition. It is really much more fun without the pain. It is a joy to see my mum being active, going for her beauty sessions, meeting up with friends for food and mahjong.


    Self-care is a way of giving back to our loved ones. I want to be well, and not be a burden. More importantly, we only live once and should enjoy life!


    Pain free quality life


    Provide simple effective solutions to improve your quality of life through quality products we believe in


    Authenticity: being real

    Simplicity: fuss free simple solutions

    Community: we do it together

    The Founder

    Hui Fang graduated from Nanyang Technological University's Nanyang Business School with a degree in Human Resource Consulting. She first learnt meridian therapy in 2006 from a group of Taiwanese professors from National Yang Ming University. Since then, she has fallen in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of their methods and wants to contribute to society by sharing what she has learnt with the world. She went on to upgrade herself with a Diploma in Chinese Medicine Health Management Practice from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is also a certified trainer with Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). She is known for making complicated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) so easy for her learners.


    Hui Fang's TCM Self Care workshops at community clubs, associations and corporate organisations are always very well received.

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    Hui Fang plays the role of bridging individuals to the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through simple and easy hands-on activities. Featured in The Asian Entrepreneur, she envisions individuals starting their self-care journey early to reset health by removing ouch.